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A Guide to The Different Types of Welding Working with metal can be an impressive skill. Welding requires highly-skilled professionals, who are in constant demand. This skill requires a lot of experience and guidance from professionals within the business. Welding, in all of its forms, simply means the conjoining of two metals and there are many different ways of achieving this. Let us explore the different types of welding that are available within the industry. MIG Welding MIG welding is a simple method of welding in comparison to others and tends to be the most favoured type for beginners to…
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The Guide Of Arc Welding

The Arc Of Welding Arc welding is a permanent, efficient and economical method, for the joining of two different metals. This process consists of heating localised metals beyond the melting point which then allows the materials to bond. We are going to explore the different methods in which arc welding may be used, the history of its importance and why arc welding is still a far-reaching method of constructing metal today. This generalised ‘arc of welding guide’ will enable you to comprehend an accustomed understanding of the process. After the metal is heated and pledged together, the arc is formed…
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Welding Equipment Repairs: Repair or Replace?

Welding Equipment Repairs: Repair or Replace Sometimes, your welding equipment will require a little care and attention. As very heavy-duty equipment, the tools used for welding are often exposed to extreme temperatures and can face a lot of physical challenges. Here, we explain how to tell the difference between equipment in need of repair and that in need of replacing. Is the damage superficial? This is an easy tell. If any damage to your welding equipment appears to be superficial, there’s a good chance it can be repaired. Superficial damage might include scratching, damage to the bodywork, and damage that…
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Update from the HSE: Fume Extraction Notification

Fume Extraction Notification There has been an important update from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), focusing on mild steel welding fume extraction. The directive is relevant for anyone that welds, and is important to take on board for your own safety, as well as others around you. You can read the full directive at the link below: HSE Mild Steel Welding Fume Extraction Notification
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Welding Health and Safety: The Essentials

Welding Health and Safety: The Essentials Welding provides solutions in so many areas of the manufacturing world. It is an extremely useful process that requires years of training and experience to master. As well as being useful, though, it is also potentially quite dangerous. It is absolutely essential that welding health and safety is constantly adhered to throughout the process, regardless of how experienced or inexperienced the welder may be. Here, Arc Welding Services Ltd explains the essential health and safety points that must be considered by anyone working in welding. Fumes Breathing in fumes while welding is a common…
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The World’s Biggest Welding Projects from the USA

The World's Biggest Welding Projects from the USA Welding is a broad term that simply refers to the joining of metal parts by using heat. It’s easy to see why so many industries rely on the practice, but sometimes its significance can be overlooked. To underline the potential of welding as a practice, we’ve put together a list of some of the world’s largest, most impressive, welding projects. We’ve taken a look, in particular, at our transatlantic cousins for this one. They seemingly have a talent for it. Empire State Building Where else could we have started? Until recently, the…
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What Skills Do All Welders Need?

What Skills Do All Welders Need? Welding is, as we’ve explained in one of our previous blog posts, used all over the place in everyday life. How though, can you get into the industry? In our latest blog, we examine the skills you need if you’re going to become a welder. For questions about our services, please either call us on 0121 327 2249, or fill out one of our online contact forms. Technical knowledge If you’re going to work in welding, you need technical knowledge. What we mean by that is that you’ll need to understand the concepts of…
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A Closer Look at Some of Our Welding Equipment

A Closer Look at Some of Our Welding Equipment Here at Arc Welding Services Ltd, we’ve got a great range of welding equipment available for hire. In our latest blog post, we’re taking a closer look at some of that equipment, with a view to explaining what it does and why it’s so useful in the world of arc welding. Compact MIG welding Gas metal arc welding (more commonly referred to as MIG) are perfect for anyone prioritising the aesthetics of their work. The reduced spatter levels generated by this machine make it that bit easier to keep things tidy.…
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Uses of Welding in Everyday Life: a Brief Overview

Uses of Welding in Everyday Life: a Brief Overview There are a huge number of services and products that rely on welding, in one form or another. Unless you live a particularly sheltered life, you’re probably coming into contact with these all the time. From public transport to theme park rides, welding is a vital process used in a variety of ways, for a variety of different results. Infrastructure It’s a very broad point, so that’s why it makes sense to start out with it. Welding, in its many different forms, is commonly used in infrastructure in a whole host…
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How to Store Welding Equipment

How to Store Welding Equipment It is absolutely essential to store welding equipment properly, both from a safety perspective and to ensure the lifespan of your tools isn’t shortened. Here, Arc Welding Services take a look at a few measures you can put in place to ensure your equipment is stored properly, preventing it from becoming damaged or dangerous. Ignoring proper storage of your equipment can easily damage your rods, causing them to become inaccurate and making potentially hazardous errors more likely. Your Rods Ensuring that all of your welding rods are stored upright should help preserve them. Allowing them…